Revisiting the Mongol Rally

69 minutes

July 17th, 2021 marked the fifth anniversary of the day my brother Drew and I — along with our friends Jane and Rosi — set out from southern England on an 11,000 mi (18k km) road trip across Europe and Asia. Over the seven weeks that followed, we’d cross 18 countries, 8 time zones, 5 mountain ranges, and a few deserts, before eventually ending up in Ulan-Ude, Siberia, just north of Mongolia. And along the way, we’d have all sorts of crazy adventures, ranging from crashing a wedding in Kazakhstan to visiting Iran as American tourists, not to mention an emergency rescue and countless breakdowns and mechanical difficulties, often in the worst possible places!

On this episode of Far From Home, I play a recent conversation Drew and Rosi had with me and a small crowd of Far From Home fans and listeners in Clubhouse, the audio-based social media app. We look back at some highlights from our adventure, share behind-the-scenes stories, and take questions from the audience (you can skip forward to 53:19 if you just want to hear the Q&A).

If you’re new to this podcast and haven’t yet had a chance to listen to my first season where I documented this journey, I encourage you to go back and binge my show from the very beginning. You can also view tons of bonus content including photos and videos on my website as well as by scrolling back in my Instagram feed. If you want to read more about my journey, check out my Mongol Rally team website, and here’s the link where you can check out the Gallivanting Quines YouTube video Anne MacAskill mentioned during the Q&A portion of this event.


On Far From Home, award-winning public radio journalist Scott Gurian documents fascinating stories from far-flung places like Iran, Chernobyl, and Mongolia. For more info, visit

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