New Orleans 15 Years Later

35 minutes

You probably missed it amid everything else going on in the world recently, but last week was the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, so on this episode, we’re staying within the U.S. for a change and going to New Orleans, revisiting what the storm was like for residents of the city and looking at parallels with the current situation with COVID-19.

Katrina left lasting footprints on New Orleans that may never be erased, but for many people who don’t live on the Gulf Coast of the United States, it’s now largely faded into history. The thing is, this is something we need to remember. From the federal government’s botched response, to the lessons about the ongoing threats of climate change, to simply honoring the memories of the thousands of people who died, it’s a historical event we should never forget.

So this time on Far From Home, I’m going back in time to August of 2007 when I visited New Orleans and had conversations with several people who were struggling to rebuild their lives and reclaim this once great American city as their home.


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